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Leonardo Support

Help is also provided in the Leonardo application on your PDA where it can be accessed from the Help menu.

The first document contains an overview of the very first things you see when you start Leonardo.

  1. In the beginning...

Each of the Episodic Tools documents describes the functions of the various tool menus and of the individual tools.

  1. Episodic Tools

In Style Selection we explore how to set style attributes such as colour, fills and line widths and styles.

  1. Style Selection

The Menu Help section describes the functionality and settings accessed from the menus.

  1. Menu Help

For your enjoyment we also have available a detailed description of how the picture of Leonardo in his workshop was drawn using Leonardo.

Should you fail to achieve satisfaction from this information please do not hesitate to contact us at support@wirejunkie.com. Registered users of Leonardo may prefer to log in and complete the support request form, secure in the knowledge that such requests for information from registered users are replied to with the most expeditious timing possible.

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