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Leonardo Help

The View Tool Menu

Zoom  1:1  Pan  Centre

The View Tool Menu is the fifth tool menu from the left in Leonardo. To access the View Tool Menu tap the fifth tool from the left and either hold your stylus down for one second or make an upward stroke with your stylus, like making a shift stroke.

You will see this: 

View Tool Menu

Your image can be up to 65,535 pixels square. That's 167,281 screens worth! You can zoom out 100 times.


The Tools

The Zoom Tools

Zoom Tools

These tools allows you to zoom in and out of your image.

To zoom just select the appropriate tool, i.e. + or -, and then tap the screen. The image will be centered on the point on the screen on which you tap. e.g. say you tap in the centre of a circle which is in the top right hand corner of the screen, then, once the zoom is done, that circle will be in the centre of the screen.

The 1:1 Tool

1 to 1

This tool allows you to return to an actual size view. Just select the tool and, *ping* it is done.

The Pan Tool

Pan Tool

This tool is for navigating around your image.

Just select the tool and then drag your stylus around the screen.

The Centering Tool

The Centering Tool

With this tool you can jump to the centre of your image. Just select this tool and voila, you are back in the centre of your image before you know it.

The next exciting episode is Colour Selection.

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