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Overview of Tools

There are three groups of icons at the bottom of the screen. From left to right there are a group of five tool menus, a group of four style menus and The Bin.

Tool Menus

The first group of five tool menus, contains, from left to right;

The second group of four style menus, contains;

Then there is, The Bin.


Alternate translations to other dialects having the same derivation as the Australian language would be, Trash, Discard, Garbage, Recycle or Rubbish. The correct use of "Bin" in Australian is variable. It can be a noun or a verb. As a noun it is applied to the container in which one places things one thinks one no longer wants. As a verb it can be used in the form "binit" e.g. The exclamation, "I am going to binit!" or the instruction, "Just binit". If you bin things you can either, forget about them for ever, or get them back if you need them. An object can be binned in two ways. Either, with an object selected tap the Bin, or, with nothing selected tap the Bin. In the latter case the topmost object in the image will be binned. You can get things out of the Bin by using the undo feature on the edit menu. The number of levels of undo are set in the preferences dialogue, which is accessed from the options menu. Once you close the image you have "put the Bin out" and you can never get things back out of it.

The next exciting episode is The Line Tool Menu.

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