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We at wirejunkie are indeed gratified that you consider our humble yet superlative product worthy of procurement. We assure you that you have arrived at the perfect spot at which to proceed with this admirible transaction. If you desire to proceed directly to settle your purchase, that opportunity is provided below. Othewise feel free to enjoy this pleasant preamble outlining the fabulous benefits you will receive by purchasing Leonardo.

Once all the details have been attended to we shall naturally be at your service. We will be pleased to assist with any enquiries which you might have at our earliest convenience. Additionally we will welcome your participation in our members gallery.

Your thoughtful purchase of Leonardo version 1.x at this time will also provide you the ongoing pleasure of recieving Leonardo up to version 1.9 for no additional consideration. Further, all purchasers of version 1.x of Leonardo will receive all versions of Leonardo's Workshop up to version 1.9 the moment they are completed, naturally we will seek no further payment for the provision of this offer.

Once we have begun to offer Leonardo version 2 it will remain just that i.e. an offer. You are in no way obliged to purchase further versions of Leonardo and may freely continue to use Leonardo version 1 for the term of your natural life.

We are presently pleased to offer Leonardo version 1 for the modest sum of US$24.95. Indications as to the amount this represents in your particular nation state's, kingdom's or extraterritorial juristriction's method of exchange can be obtained from www.oanda.com or your local market maker.

To proceed with your purchase we would be most obliged if you would be so kind as to select the link which we have provided below for your comfort and convenience

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